Hi, my name is Mike Miello.

This year I made Happy Plant (version 3) with my web partner. It’s an iPhone app that reminds you to water your plants…something we kept forgetting to do.

And WOW! We were featured in in the App Store several times. The coolest mention is being on Apple’s App list to “Start the new year organized.”

2017 was a year of dabbing into many types of web projects. I kicked my design chops into gear by practicing more than normal with Sketch and Hype to learn animations. I also developed websites with several website tools: BootStrap, Bootstrap Studio, WebFlow, Blocs, various WordPress themes like Divi and even tried SquareSpace.

One thing I’m excited about is that we created our own WordPress hosting and support package. Now we can host client websites on our own hosting environments rather than purchasing from shared hosting providers…fist pump!

2017 was a year of tackling so many different project types. While the experience was good, I can see that it’s not sustainable to build a business.

For 2018, I want to stop the dabbing and focus on a few areas that I enjoy, am decent at, and can use to add value to people’s lives. I suppose that’s what dabbing into many things is for: to discover.

This year’s vision is to focus and more than anything: create over consume.

Mike Miello’s summary:

  • This year I made Happy Plant App.
  • My goal for 2018 is to add machine learning to plant watering habits.
  • You can also follow me on Twitter at mikemiello.

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