I worked on side projects to build a technical portfolio and sharpen my programming skills. Below are the 7 notable projects that I spent at least 20+ hours each on to build from scratch:

  • Technical Interview Prep — Over the summer while preparing for technical interviews, I did well over 250+ coding problems in C++ from a variety of sources such as LeetCode, HackerRank, Cracking the Coding Interview.
  • Sunshine — I learned to use Android Studio and built a cloud-connected weather app that displays real-time weather information.
  • YelpCoffeeShops — This is a full-stack JavaScript web application I built using the MEAN stack framework (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS). It showcases my pick of the best-designed coffeeshops around the world.
  • React Hacker News — This is a React and Redux application that queries into HackerNews database and lets users find relevant content based on their search terms.
  • SoundCloud Client — Another React and Redux application I built consumes SoundCloud API. Users can login to their SoundCloud account and listen to their tracks on the app.
  • Emoji App — A simple “Emoji” game I built with NodeJS and CosmicJS.
  • TweetMe — A clone of Twitter I built using Django (Python), jQuery, and Bootstrap CSS.

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James Le’s summary:

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