This year actually started pretty slow for me. I was too reliant on other people and essentially everything started from people letting me down. It all changed for the better when, I was tasked to work on coming up with a solution to an internal customer feedback loop problem we had at my old job. Essentially I built an internal customer success platform see the walk through here:

I’m usually the product manager and the idea man, and lead the efforts in turning anything into reality. I essentially learned more about design and product design. I equipped myself with the tools and knowledge that is necessary to build things. From idea, to prototype and so on and so on.

From here, I essentially decided to write a book that will be published soon and decided to leave my job to pursue my ideas full time. I learned how to create websites and build iOS apps. The essential tools I needed to build my ideas into big businesses. I learned how to build chatbots ( and also work on music a bit. My main achievements were to just get things off the ground and just end the year with a positive wave of product launches or campaigns. Redid the whole brand of the fashion label

The main takeaway and learning is to essentially just build and do things. Not a lot of people do things. Say less and do more.

Read my full year in review here

Edison Espinosa’s summary:

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