Looking back at the year, I learned a few important things:

  • Momentum is important. I got stuck overthinking every possible way to move forward. I was so afraid to waste my time on the wrong things that I instead wasted my time doing nothing. The moment I realized that dilemma, it was easier to start working on new things and putting them out there to gather feedback.
  • It’s okay to not work on some things. In October, I counted ongoing commitments (client projects, personal work related projects) and got the crazy number of 14 as a result. This made it clear that I had to explicitly put some things on the back burner and *not* try to get everything done at once.
  • Community and relationships are important. My partner, my family, my friends, and my mastermind groups helped me a lot to get through the tougher parts of my year. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support.

Read my full year in review here

Benedikt Deicke’s summary:

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