Hi, my name is Paul Jarvis.

This year I made Chimp Essentials. A course that teaches you how to use MailChimp the right way.

My goal for 2017 is to LAUNCH MOAR.

Read my full year in review here. This is an excerpt:

To start, 2016 was probably the most rollercoaster year for me ever. So many highs, so many lows. Oddly, all the highs were business-related and all the lows were personal-related.

Also, here’s what I stopped doing:

I completely stopped trying to grow my audience by getting out there and doing interviews, talks, joint-venture stuff and guest writing. All those things have helped me in the past, but I realized that the people I reach are enough.

My audience now grows slowly, and only when people in it feel they want to share what I’ve written, said or created with their own audiences. I love this form of slow growth.

You can also follow me on Twitter at @pjrvs.

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