Hi, my name is Joshua.

This year I made ntwrk. ntwrk makes it easy to keep tabs on your important relationships so it doesn’t go years before you chat with people that you care about.

Life gets busy. Mine was no different. I wanted a simple, almost fun app to help remind me to reach out to my friends, family, mentors, investors, customers on a regular basis and jog my memory for what we last chatted about. I didn’t want to send another message saying, “What’s it been, a year since we last talked?!”.

With ntwrk, you add a Relationship from your contacts, set how often you want to keep in touch with them (weekly, monthly, etc.), and then it will remind you to reach out. You can then add notes on what you chatted about and what to ask them about next time (writing their exam, their kid’s sick, etc.).

Have better relationships.

My goal for 2017 is to release the Android version of ntwrk (and maybe a MacOS version, too).

You can also follow me on Twitter at @joshuapinter.

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