Dean’s year in review


Hi, my name is Dean.

This year I made I started by personal blog at the end of 2015, a few week before 2016. The idea is simple, to publish an article a week and see how far it takes me. The journey has been great, below are a snap-list of accomplishment:

  • Get republished on Elite Daily, Inc, HuffPost, ThoughtCatalog, LifeHack and many other great publications.
  • Build relationships with many great bloggers, writer, and makers around the globe.
  • Participant in Quora, and get featured in their partner publications for multiple times. At the same time, got featured several times in Quora’s Digest (a newsletter sent to million of Quorans) and top writer on many topics.
  • Grow from 18 friends-and-family subscribers to 2,000 awesome readers.
  • Written a comprehensive guide about habits.
  • Published 2 Skillshare classes.

All of these happened by the consistency of tiny routines and habits. I considered it as a great year, however, this blog is not yet generated any significant income for me yet.

PS: Building a blog is very different from building an online business.

My goal for 2017 is to build a product that solve pain-in-the-ass problem for my readers.

Read my full year in review here

You can also follow me on Twitter at @deanyeong.

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