Darian’s year in review


Hi, my name is Darian.

This year I grew my audience by 1000%.

A year ago, I started working on my portfolio site and building an audience on Twitter. Since then I’ve grown my audience from 20 people to 220 people. I achieved growing this audience around web design and branding on twitter as well as created my 4th iteration of my portfolio website. This version will be revised and edited secretly, but it’s design is permanent until I rebrand as an agency. I’ve been working really hard at fine tuning my skills as a designer and because of the amount of emailed questions I get, I’ll be moving into products and coaching before the year is up. I’ll continue taking on web design and branding clients as well, furthering the amount of people I am able to help throughout the next year.

My goal for 2017 is to move into products and coaching.

You can read my full year in review here.

You can also follow me on Twitter at @d_evyn.

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